Old Iron Bridge Borzoi
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ROWDY was born here at Old Cabin,  to Jock and Happy, July 2 2015, at six weeks he broke his leg, so many, many dr. appointments and casts and carrying him outside to go potty...... needless to say, we became very fond of him and decided he would stay here and become our non carrier stud. He gave us many beautiful puppies, and then, trying to downsize, we sold him to a woman from Arkansas. Then came the upsetting news that that person was getting out of the collies, suddenly, and Rowdy would be going to North Dakota to live with Reid, who also had Rowdy's father and one of Rowdy's daughters. Then more upsetting news; Rowdy was very sick, Reid and Tara told me Rowdy was dirty and thin when they picked him up and shortly after he fell sick, and after many tests and attempts to bring him around, he got so bad that they had to put him to sleep, mercifully and sadly. So on this page, it is my intention to just remember him as he was as a puppy and a young collie, always sweet and always happy, just a love to be around. Rest in peace little one! It is with tears in my eyes and my heart that I post these pictures of a wonderful loving collie boy who should have had more than his short three years. Tara has shared with me the results of his autopsy: he succumbed to something called Pythiosis or Pythian insidiosum, commonly called Swamp cancer or water mold infection, the vet said it was most likely he came into contact with it in Arkansas. It had overtaken most of his intestinal tract. Poor baby!
Happy, Rowdy's mom, with her litter of babies.
This is Jock, Rowdy's papa
Rowdy with his rear right leg in a cast.
Rowdy with one of his sons, Jock, jr.
Rowdy, Jock, and daughter  Gemma
Reid, Tara and Jock, Rowdy's dad